Author: Jesse McCullough

7 May

When to Improve Adherence

You don’t improve adherence in a day – you improve adherence daily! This simple truth caused a dramatic change in my mindset around patient adherence. The secret for pharmacists is that we need to be focused on improving adherence routinely, as in every day, not once in a while or every so often! The next question then quickly becomes visible: How do you do it? Let me share with you one strategy you can use. It involves your OUTLIERS. As a brief review, you can find your OUTLIERS by logging into EQuIPP™ and selecting the performance dashboard or by clicking on the "MY PROGRAMS" tab. You...

19 Mar

How to Create an Adherence Game Plan

You have probably heard the old sports adage “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.” This can be applied to pharmacy as well. Pharmacies need to have offensive and defensive strategies or what could also be called proactive and reactive strategies. Let’s first look at the defensive or reactive strategies. Defense exists to stop or at least slow down whomever or whatever the opposing team is trying to do. In the world of performance contracts, let’s look specifically at the team of non-adherence. Non-adherence to three classes of medication: cholesterol (statins), renin-angiotensin system antagonists (RASA), and non-insulin antidiabetic products. So, our defensive strategy...