Who We Are & Our Mission

We are a healthcare quality improvement company. We connect healthcare payers and providers who value measurement as the pathway towards better patient outcomes.

Core Values


We relentlessly pursue achievement. We love progress and taking action to continue moving our team forward and ourselves to a better version. We apply this to our processes and products as we aim to make our solutions actionable for patients and our customers.


We are a healthcare quality improvement company which means that each of us considers how our work and products can continue to be better. We seek to provide excellence and have learned that our mindset of improvement is the value that keeps us growing as individuals and teams and the service we provide to our customers.


The skill that truly empowers our relationships which are what drive happiness and memories that we take with us wherever we go. We recognize the value in understanding someone else’s frame of reference as we develop solutions that solve problems.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We believe that meaningful improvement is obtained in the presence of relentless measurement and that good measurement is timely, reliable, actionable, and simply understood.

Who We Are

Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) is a healthcare quality improvement company. We connect healthcare payers and providers who value measurement as the pathway to better patient outcomes. Our partners represent nearly 90% of all Medicare Part D lives and 95% of community pharmacies. PQS delivers the quality insights and guidance necessary to support our customers’ efforts to optimize the quality of medication management and use for their Medicare, Medicaid and commercial populations. Our industry-leading platform, EQuIPP®, provides dependable measurement and reporting on key medication use quality measures and value-based reimbursement programs focused on medication adherence, treatment outcomes and patient safety.

Slide Working Together Contact Us We believe collaboration is the key to making a difference
and creating a lasting impact. By working together with healthcare
industry stakeholders, we can unlock creative solutions
and open the door to innovation and change.

We are looking to partner with all sectors of the healthcare industry:
pharmacy, hospital, health systems, academia and life sciences,
in our mission to continuously improve the quality of medication use.
Let’s share our ideas and help each other reach our goals.
Please join us in our mission. We look forward to partnering with you.