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Healthy Patients

Better Bottom Line

We support pharmacies’ evolution to primary care with enhanced services

PQS brings patient care opportunities from multiple payers to pharmacies nationwide, from chains to local independents.

New Opportunities
Pay-for-performance and value-based care programs

We continue to innovate and bring our pharmacies quality and enhanced services opportunities.

  • Close gaps in care (Controlling High Blood Pressure and A1c)
  • Collect patient screening data to tailor and improve patient care

Financial incentives

based on performance

  • Improved reimbursement from better performance ratings
  • Pay for Performance (P4P) programs offering additional revenue opportunity
  • Enhanced care opportunities to further support patient health management

EQUIPP® platform to execute, measure, and perform

EQUIPP helps pharmacies streamline measurement and performance across multiple payers on one platform.

Pharmacies can optimize medication management and patient outcomes with quality insights, actionable data and reporting.

Support and resources

for improvement

In addition to our online support, our dedicated pharmacy team partners with chains, PSAOs, wholesalers, and buying groups to provide industry insights, best practices and resources to help pharmacies maximize patient care and boost business impact.

Tap our expertise to improve patient and
business outcomes

With 10+ years of quality measurement expertise and deep pharmacy knowledge, PQS provides best-practices to develop innovative quality strategies to support more effective interventions.

10+ years
of quality experience

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