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14 May

PQS Scheduled to Present at the 2019 PQA Annual Meeting

Join Pharmacy Quality Solutions for multiple sessions at the 2019 Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD May 15-17, 2019. PQS Chief Executive Officer Jeff Newell, RPh will be co-presenting with William Grambley, MBA, Chief Operating Officer of AllazoHealth on "Optimizing Performance-based Pharmacy Reimbursement" on Thursday May 16, 2019. PQS will also present Friday morning May 17, 2019 during Innovation Theaters "EQuIPP™ Analytics: An Innovative Platform for Quality Measure Performance Management." EQuIPP™ Analytics is an interactive tool that converts data into meaningful, actionable insights. With customization of performance data comparisons, reporting is tailored to meet organization-specific priorities. Join the PQS team...

29 Jun

PQS to Present “Trends in Pharmacy Quality & Considerations for Improvement” at the 2018 PQA Annual Meeting

May 4, 2018-On Thursday, May 17th, at the PQA Annual Meeting in Baltimore, PQS will be presenting Trends in Pharmacy Quality & Considerations for Improvement in two sessions. Here is the information on the discussion below. Trends in Pharmacy Quality & Considerations for Improvement Session 1 - 11:00am – 11:35am Session 2 - 11:45am – 12:20pm (repeated) Speakers: Todd Sega, PharmD, Vice President of Client Relations & Services, Pharmacy Quality Solutions Session Description: Over the past 5 years, the PQA measures within Medicare Part D have been gaining increased importance for both health plans and pharmacies. As greater importance is placed on improvement related to these measures,...