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Implementation and

Program Operations

We make it easier to implement and flexibly scale performance programs nationwide, so you can execute on your quality performance strategies at scale.

Simplify implementation and program operations

With more than a decade managing performance, technology, and complex data, we’ve developed a proprietary process and have tested it with 60 million lives. Overcome complex data headaches, apply powerful analytics to identify patients, and prioritize care that maximizes impact.

We help quality teams implement performance programs, making the path towards performance easier, more operationally efficient, and actionable.

Ingest, standardize, and benchmark data

Simplify complex, fragmented data including prescription claims, medical claims, and member eligibility details from health plans and PBMs.

Identify and prioritize patients

Select patients with less work. For each measure, we identify members who may need additional support (patient outliers) and provide data to help you focus your efforts.

Attribute patients to pharmacies

Our process determines which pharmacy will provide focused patient support, using our EQUIPP® platform.

Evaluate results and optimize patients

Assess interventions, uncover actionable insights and recalibrate for greater success.

Uncover actionable insights to improve outcomes

Measure and analyze performance for quality improvement and enhanced care patient interactions. Get actionable insights so you can recalibrate for greater success.

  • Evaluate performance for individual provider and provider organizations against program goals.
  • Gain insights on payer program delivery and opportunities.
  • Trend performance against benchmarks.
  • Understand patient opportunities by payer program.

Tap our expertise to improve patient and
business outcomes

With 10+ years of quality measurement expertise and deep pharmacy knowledge, PQS provides best-practices to develop innovative quality strategies to support more effective interventions.

10+ years
of quality experience

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