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EQUIPP® enables care at scale,

provides data and actionable insights

Using the EQUIPP technology platform, we develop and streamline care opportunities from multiple payer sponsors to send to our pharmacy partner network.

EQUIPP fuels patient-level care with measurable results

Pharmacy’s go-to source for data-driven interventions, benchmarked data and insights. With industry-wide adoption, EQUIPP helps pharmacies deliver care and see measurable results.

The EQUIPP Advantage

We simplify healthcare data, analysis, and reporting

After managing data for 60 million lives, we developed a proprietary process to ingest fragmented data, apply powerful analytics to identify patients, and prioritize care that maximizes impact.


Consolidate fragmented data

Payer provides member eligibility data, pharmacy and medical claims.

PQS ingests, standardizes, and transforms data enabling transparency.

Simplify complex analysis

Calculate quality measures to measure stewards’ specifications.

Powerful analytics identify and prioritize member-level opportunities for quality improvement.

Manage performance with EQUIPP

Adopted industry-wide, EQUIPP displays patient-level care opportunities, benchmarked data, and insights.

Deliver patient care through pharmacies

Patients receive personal care near home with consults on adherence, patient safety, and more

Pharmacies capture clinical data to monitor treatment goals for blood pressure, diabetes A1c, and more.

Bi-directional clinical
data exchange

Support pharmacy collection of patient data back to payers

Create supplemental HEDIS® data files.

See measureable

Manage pharmacy services delivery, find actionable insights, and optimize performance.

EQUIPP’s re-architected platform makes it easier for pharmacies to deliver patient care.

Quickly access patient opportunities on the dashboard

Simplify care with patient details for each measure – all on one screen

Measure program performance and compare vs. benchmarks on the measure screen

Improve health outcomes for targeted member populations with the Gap Closure Program

Support and resources
for improvement

In addition to our online support, we provide industry insights, best practices and resources to help pharmacies maximize patient care and boost business impact.

Tap our expertise to improve patient and
business outcomes

With 10+ years of quality measurement expertise and deep pharmacy knowledge, PQS provides best-practices to develop innovative quality strategies to support more effective interventions.

10+ Years
of quality experience

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