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Quality Measures to Enhance Improvement Scores

Payers can customize programs with the quality measures that matter most to their performance strategy and population health.

PQS is an NCQA Measure Certified Organization

Certified measures and data for patient level quality improvement

As a trusted intermediary, PQS develops measure specifications and calculations from Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) quality measures and The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards. We then deliver standardized, transparent data to pharmacies for member-level care.

Data integrity is vital to value-based and other contractual arrangements. As an NCQA measure certified organization, we utilize a rigorous process to develop our quality measure logic.

Calculation accuracy means less time spent verifying and more time on priorities that advance your goals.

Medication Adherence

Diabetes                Hypertension

Cholesterol            Antiretrovirals

MS – Non-Infused Agents

Calcium Channel Blocker

Behavioral Health

Antidepressant Medication Management (AMM)

Multi Antipsychotics Child/Adolescent

Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia (SAA)


Concurrent Use –
Opioids & BZDs

High Dosage Opioids Use
(w/o Cancer)


Hep C – Completion of Tx

Specialty Pharmacy Turn-Around


Asthma Medication Ratio (AMR)

Suboptimal Control

Absence of Controller Therapy


Patient Immunization Opportunities

Influenza Vaccination Rate

Pneumococcal Vaccination Rate


Multi-Anticholinergics (POLY-ACH)

Multi-CNS-Active (POLY-CNS)


Statin Therapy in Pts with CVD (SPC)

Statin Use in Persons with Diabetes (SUPD)

Other Quality Measures

Controlling High Blood Pressure (CBP)
Eye Exam for Patients with Diabetes (EED)
Hemoglobin A1c Control for Patients w/Diabetes (HBD)
Blood Pressure Control for Patients w/Diabetes (BPD)
Comprehensive Med Review Completion Rate

Tap our expertise to improve patient and
business outcomes

With 10+ years of quality measurement expertise and deep pharmacy knowledge, PQS provides best-practices to develop innovative quality strategies to support more effective interventions.

10+ years
of quality experience

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