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Quality Corner Show Talks Diabetes and Pain Management with Charles D. Ponte, BSc, PharmD, FADCES


Charles D. Ponte, BSc, PharmD, FADCES, FAPhA, FASHP, FCCP, FNAP, and Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Family Medicine at West Virginia University discusses diabetes and pain management on the PQS Quality Corner Show.

Host PQS Associate Director of Pharmacy Accounts, Nick Dorich, PharmD asks Ponte about pain and discomfort for patients with diabetes, and Ponte talks specifically about neuropathic pain management. “Diabetes and Pain Management” was recorded for season 2 and is episode 53. It can be listened to using the media player below.

Pharmacist’s Letter is offering CE credit for this podcast. Please log into your Pharmacist’s Letter account and look for the title of this podcast in the list of available CE courses.

Charles D. Ponte, PharmD on LinkedIn

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