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PQS Summarizes Pharmacy/Medication-Related Updates of CMS Calendar Year 2024 Proposed Rule


PQS has summarized the pharmacy and medication-related updates in CMS’ Calendar Year 2024 Proposed Rule, originally released on December 14, 2022. The summary is available for download using the button below. If you are interested in viewing the complete CMS Proposed Rule publication, please click HERE.

PQS CY2024 Proposed Rule Summary


Why is this PQS Summary of the 2024 Proposed Rule Useful?

Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS) remains ingrained in quality measure performance improvement. Therefore, understanding proposed changes for the upcoming calendar years regarding quality measures and technical operations of the Star Ratings program is vital to supporting quality improvement strategies for the clients we serve. Staying ahead of pending changes is critical to ensuring the populations you serve are receiving the highest quality of care and that value-based arrangements are maximizing opportunities. As a reminder, many proposed changes will use 2024 performance data to guide 2026 thresholds.


Inside our regulatory update, we provide a condensed high-level summary of proposed measure removals, proposed measure updates, and other quality items of interest including MTM eligibility criteria updates. Download the PQS Summary: Pharmacy/Medication-Related Updates in the CY 2024 Proposed Rule by clicking the button below.

PQS CY2024 Proposed Rule Summary

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