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A Collaborative Approach for Quality Care in 2024 


The healthcare environment continues to be dynamic in 2024, and this year brings forth new opportunities and challenges for pharmacies and health plans in improving quality care for patients. What are the keys to success? What strategies can be implemented? PQS offers a path for pharmacies and health plans to work together to create a healthcare system that is more efficient, effective, and patient-centered. This is the year to leap into collaborative approaches for better success. 

For Pharmacies: Focus on Quality 

Transparency and member advocacy take center stage in 2024. Pharmacies must showcase their dedication to providing quality care and enhancing patient outcomes. Demonstrate the value you bring through clinical care services such as adherence monitoring, proactive screenings, and patient surveys. By prioritizing these elements, pharmacies can underscore their value in the healthcare ecosystem.  

Engage, Engage, Engage!  

Don’t be a passive player and wait for opportunities. Actively seek out and engage with partnerships and programs with health plans that let you expand your services and revenue streams. By being assertive in exploring collaborations, pharmacies can position themselves as valuable partners in the healthcare journey. At the very least, engage in those patient opportunities that are already offered to your pharmacy to demonstrate the possibilities that can be achieved with pharmacy. 

Start Smart, Manage Expectations  

Building successful and meaningful programs requires time and effort. Work closely with stakeholders to design and implement realistic, achievable programs for both pharmacies and patients. Managing expectations from the outset with clear communication ensures a smoother implementation process and sets the stage for long-term success.  

For Health Plans: Program Design and Expectations 

Simplicity is key. Health plans should design programs with easy-to-understand goals for both pharmacies and patients. Provide clear expectations and the necessary support to ensure smooth implementation and successful outcomes. PQS and the EQUIPP® platform can house your program where goals and patient opportunities can be tracked and monitored for success. 

The Value of Pharmacies 

Pharmacies are integral to improving patient health outcomes and reducing costs. Health plans should acknowledge and leverage the unique capabilities of pharmacies. By fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, both parties can work together to create a healthcare ecosystem that prioritizes efficiency and patient well-being.  

 Start Early and Allow Pharmacies Time to Manage Patients 

Recognizing the time required for integration is crucial. Health plans should grant pharmacies sufficient time to seamlessly incorporate new programs into their workflow. Allowing for this adjustment period ensures that pharmacies can build even stronger relationships with patients, contributing to the success of healthcare programs.  

 2024: A Year of Optimism and Opportunity 

PQS believes in the power of pharmacy-health plan collaborations to keep quality as a focus to improving the overall health of patient populations. Our EQUIPP platform and integrated Enhanced Services programs are designed to close gaps in care and improve medication adherence – areas critical to achieving better patient health. Our approach, centered on quality improvement and pharmacy engagement, delivers more efficient, effective, and patient-centered solutions. Make 2024 the year of focused quality care. Log into EQUIPP today at to review your performance scores or contact us at to implement your quality improvement strategies. 





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