COVID-19 Update for May

6 May

COVID-19 Update for May

During these unprecedented times, PQS remains committed to supporting our team members through safe work conditions and flexible hours, so we in return, can further help you, our clients and end users. As more pharmacies return to regular business hours, make sure to leverage our services and tools as they assist pharmacists in identifying improvement opportunities.

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Previous Notice:

Here at PQS we appreciate and value all the front-line pharmacists as you continue to care for your patients through these uncertain times. We hope you all stay safe and well. In response to COVID-19, PQS has implemented a work-at-home solution for all of our employees to allow for social distancing while still providing excellent customer service for our client organizations and pharmacies.

Please continue to access EQuIPP™ for your actionable quality metrics. If you have questions about how the coronavirus will affect your daily operations, please refer to the CMS website or the CDC. Please continue to use the “support” link in EQuIPP™ for customer service support needs.

EQuIPP™ Educational videos are available within the “Resources” section of EQuIPP™ for viewing, and other materials can be found in the Media and Education section of the PQS corporate website.

We recommend checking out the Quality Corner Show Podcast for a three-part series on COVID-19.

PQS is always here to help and support our pharmacy and health plan partners. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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